Mode Homes: A Unique Blend of Luxury and Community

In the bustling landscape of modern housing developments, Mode Homes stands out as a beacon of bespoke living. Gregg and Sheila, one of the first residents of The Meadows, share their journey of discovering what makes Mode Homes so special and why they chose The Meadows at High Leven.

Reflecting on their favourite aspects of their new home, they both spoke about the great location with convenient transport links, close enough to Yarm town, but importantly retained the countryside feel they were looking for.

“We were looking for more than just a house; we wanted a home that was unique, where we could make it our own from the beginning and Mode Homes offered exactly that,” said Gregg.

“Shiela loved the layout of the landing and hallway, and the sense of space it provides. It’s those unique touches that make this house feel truly special,” she continued.

Sheila added, “It’s more than ample space for us. The open-plan kitchen and living area was a bonus use of space and we never thought this was where we’d spend most of our time, but it’s perfect for us.”

Their decision to buy was solidified upon visiting the show home, where they were impressed by the attention to detail and the opportunity to customise their home. “The bespoke tiles and flooring options allowed us to personalise our home to our tastes,” Gregg explains. “It felt like the right fit for us from the moment we walked in.”

Sheila and Gregg were brand new to High Leven. Having lived most of the last 25+ years in Northumberland, there were a number of reasons behind this recent move. Working towards retirement, the couple wanted to find somewhere that was closer to family members, but where they could still jump on a train back to Newcastle or further afield where needed.

While the move had the usual fears that accompany any significant change, they spoke with a smile on their face about how the welcoming feel of their new community has removed all concerns they might have had. 

“It’s been a blessing to find such a great community,” Sheila said, “I’ve joined the local gym, and found an amazing group of friends.”

Reflecting on their experience, Gregg and Sheila commend the exceptional service and aftercare provided by Mode Homes. “The developers were approachable and attentive throughout the process,” Shiela remarks. “From selecting finishes to settling into our new community, they were there every step of the way.”

“It was refreshing to engage directly with the developers,” Gregg said. “It gave us a sense of involvement and a feeling of crafting something more tailored to our tastes.”

As they settle into their new home, Gregg and Sheila simply couldn’t be happier, “For us, there’s no looking back…This is our forever home.”

Mode Homes continues to redefine the meaning of modern living, offering not just houses, but homes tailored to individual preferences and creating communities along the way.